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As Material Fabric, it is one of our company visions to produce fabrics with the purest and vivid colors from the highest quality elements. Quality is not a coincidence.

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More than a fabric brand ..

Our Istanbul-based brand, which is the solution partner of many domestic and international textile companies in the fabric category, has an active role in the seasonal and special design projects of the world giants in the Textile market. It is not only the world's giants, but also the solution partner of individual and small-volume enterprises in the retail and wholesale field.

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Meterial Fabric, which started its commercial activities in the fabric category in an area of approximately 25 square meters in Osmanbey in 2002

currently has its head office in Osmanbey, showroom store in Merter and product warehouse, and Design departments, R&D (Research and Development department) in an area of approximately 2500 square meters and many other departments, continues to shape the sector without compromising on quality.

Meterial Fabric

More than a fabric brand..
Meterial Fabric

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Material Fabric is the solution partner of many international and domestic companies in the fabric sector.

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