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What is Guipure Lace Fabric?

Guipure lace fabric models with a delicate structure are also known as dress lace fabric. Although its usage areas are generally used as lining for textile products, guipure lace vest and guipure lace trousers are made from this type of fabric..

Güpür Dantel Kumaş Modelleri

  • Alencon guipure lace Fabric: This lace fabric type, named after the city of alencon in France, is the only type of lace that is not embroidered on the pillow. This type of lace fabric, which is produced entirely by hand, is processed on a piece of parchment with the help of a thin needle, and these processed pieces are combined with invisible stitches to complete the process..
  • Bayeux Alencon Guipure Lace Fabric: Bayeux Alencon Guipure Lace fabric type, which is used as a luxurious tablecloth with its wonderful appearance, also attracts attention with its details that will turn your humble tables into a wonderful visual feast.
  • Casabella Guipure Lace Fabric: With its structural design and artistic feature that draws attention with its Italian style, the edges that create a niche for itself have a stitched and thin design.
  • Antwerp Guipure Lace Fabric: This lace type, which draws attention with its alencon-like structure, is a pillow lace type that can be a flower vase or a flower pot hidden in its motifs.
  • Lace Applique Fabric: Although it seems indistinguishable with its structure similar to Alencon, it has clear differences in sewing and needlepoint.
  • Chenille Applique Lace: This French lace is named after the main lines of the patterns are drawn with chenille.
  • Cluny Applique Lace: The net is made by knitting stitches on lace, and this name is given for the lace to have a medieval look.
  • Crochet Applique Lace: It is lace that is made with a crochet hook or the pattern is made this way and then applied onto a bobbin making net. It resembles needlepoint lace.
  • Duchess Applique Lace: It is a thin pillow lace similar to Honiton guipure lace fabric.
  • Malta Applique Lace: It has the feature of being an attractive pillow lace with its arabesque design and the patterns that draw attention to it.

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