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What Are the Types of Lace Fabrics?

Lace fabric types produced by hand or machine should not be confused with other fabric types. Lace fabric, which offers an elegant appearance, is preferred for the purpose of achieving a noble appearance. This type of fabric, which is preferred to be used in different areas, sometimes decorates the details and sometimes gives a new look to the dress.

This type of fabric, which is translucent and very light, varies in designs and is produced with or without layers. This fabric type, which has a structure that represents elegance and mystery, arouses the desire to make a difference in every environment. Today, it is mostly preferred for wedding dresses and it is preferred to be used in wedding dress production. It is a very wide type of fabric as an accessory.

Lace fabric production 4 types of fabric models are produced. These lace fabric types are as follows ;

  • high fiber elastic jacquard lace fabric
  • Braided jacquard lace fabric
  • positioning lace fabric
  • crochet cotton lace fabric

Lace Fabric Models Used in Wedding Dress Manufacturing

Lace fabric, which is used in many textile products in terms of its diversity of use, is preferred in dresses and underwear, especially in wedding dresses. As the area of use in textile products increases, this type of fabric is now preferred as the main material in textile products..

Corded Lace Wedding Dress Lace: Corded lace type, which has a delicate structure, is preferred to be used in the entire wedding dress. These corduroy lace models, which add a different atmosphere to the wedding dress, have a very delicate structure.

Lez Lace Wedding Dress Lace: Lez lace models, which we see a lot in transparent wedding dress models, are preferred in daring wedding dresses thanks to their striking patterns embroidered on thin tulle.

Brode Lace Wedding Dress Lace: Brode lace types that we often come across in wedding dress models, also called embroidered french lace, are made with embroidery on tulle fabric and have a fine structure.

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