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What is Embroidery Fabric ?

The best quality clothes were made for the pharaohs with brode fabric, which has a history dating back to ancient Egypt. In our country, brode fabric is widely used. It is a product with high exports abroad and a high amount of export is made from our country to abroad..

. It appears in many places with its French name brode, that is, embroidered tulle. Embroidery fabrics produced from cotton do not have sweating properties, which is the main reason why they are preferred so much. Jacquard brode fabric is used in the clothing industry.

What are the Embroidery Fabric Qualities ?

  • Its qualities vary depending on the type to be used.
  • It is preferred in home textile products. It is especially used in the details of items such as towels, tablecloths and duvet covers and in itself. It is used in the lower part of the curtains.
  • You can see brode fabric, which is used extensively in the clothing industry, in different color tones and shapes in underwear and outerwear.
  • Embroidery fabrics that do not have a single pattern can be produced in desired colors and patterns if desired.
  • The first mass production started in Switzerland in 1848.
  • Brode fabric is widely used in our country and exported to neighboring countries (Russia, Iran).

What is brode fabric

Since we answered the question; In general, brode fabrics made of cotton do not sweat and are a product that can be used in summer heat. Choosing brode fabric in hot seasons will be good for your health. Jacquard brode fabric, which is frequently preferred in the clothing sector, attracts a lot of attention in the sector. The second name of the brode fabric, which has many names in different languages, is embroidered tulle, which is widely used in our country.

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